10th Kup - 4 Directional Punching This Hyung lays the foundation of future Hyung to come. This is the most basic Hyung providing the beginner with understanding and combining the fundamental movements at different orientated angles to develop the coordination and balance of the execution. The Hyung is divided into two parts of duplicated movements to ensure the equal balance of the body development. It consists of simple basic attack and defence situations. Although there is lack of variation of technique, the practitioner is given more opportunity to concentrate on precision skills in execution and good control of power and balance, together with correct breathing. These videos are uploaded for the benefit of current Rhee Taekwondo students at Melbourne University Taekwondo Club only.  Please note that other patterns will not be uploaded on this website.    Please use only as a guide to familiarise with your patterns . FOUR DIRECTIONAL PUNCHING (BY THE RIGHT FIST) FOUR DIRECTIONAL PUNCHING (BY THE LEFT FIST)